Our #care4needs campaign is to remind everyone that when you see someone struggling, don't forget there is more going on than you see. 


This campaign was started when two of our seven year old siblings from our Arvada group started creating a poster. Madison started to draw her poster, which she said was going to be a Care for Down Syndrome poster but she needed help drawing a face for the poster. Jackson said that he could draw the face for her. She asked him what his sister's special need was and he said that she just had needs. Madison thought about that for a few moments and then said, "My brother has needs, too." This then led them to change the poster to Care for Needs.


When talking to some of our siblings about this idea, they have agreed that we should care for everyone's needs, whether we can see it or not. This includes siblings, as well as individuals with the invisible disabilities, such as Autism. As a community, we want to encourage everyone to remember that just because you can't see someone's need, doesn't mean that they don't have one.




What You Can Do!


  • Share your need and ways people can support that need on social media using #care4needs!

  • Post pictures of you or someone else caring for needs!

  • Post a video of you or someone else caring for needs. 

  • Leave an encouraging post-it note for a friend or family member with #care4needs.

  • Share an encouraging post on a friend or family member's page or in email with #care4needs. 

  • Email your stories to sandra@siblingtree.org so we can include it in our blog!

  • Have other ideas? Share your ideas with us!